Serving the Children of the World
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Nashville Kiwanis Program Impact Assessment


In the first quarter of 2018, we conducted a study our programs/events that our club supports to determine how they line up with the Kiwanis goals and values which center around helping children.

Here’s the highlights of the results:

  • We support approximately 34 service/fundraising events during the year.
  • Almost all support other organization’s causes with our service.
  • A majority could better support Kiwanis goals and values.
  • Many don’t have measurable impact upon children for us to gauge success.
  • We won’t stop anything we do now and we want to…
  • Establish a signature project will provide our club focus.

A signature project brings focus to existing programs, fund raising, and organization partnerships. It’s the club’s identifying cause. It helps engage and grow members. It promotes the Kiwanis brand. It positively impacts the life of children and is financially viable.

Sooo… we are searching for a signature project to choose, if you have one please contact Elaine Kay, Vic Legerton, or Dustin Alexander.

It should be:

  • Adoptable and tangible - something our club can get their arms around.
  • Measurable results to tell if we are improving the life of children. (i.e. prenatal tetanus elimination)
  • Scalable to fit our ability or raise funds and support within our six county footprint.
  • Most importantly make a significant positive impact on children.

Example: Summer reading camps for the economically disadvantaged first to third graders at the lowest levels of literacy aimed to help the state reach its goal of moving from 36% to 75% reading at grade level by 2025.

There are approximately 30 such camps in our 6 county footprint available for adoption from the State department of education in the next two years.

The Program Impact Assessment Report is available here: