Serving the Children of the World
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The Inspiration - Kiwana - half Koala and half Iguana with wings

The Kiwanis Flugtag Steering Committee


The Kiwanis Flugtag "Team" - pilot Kelly Koeppel and ground crew Tiffany Lynn Heller, Sam Halleen, Paul Rowley and Chad Sutton



The Flugtag craft design


Kiwana visits Monroe Carell Jr. Childrens Hospital at Vanderbilt



Shopping for supplies and building materials at Home Depot


Build Day #1

There must be other alternatives to flying

The craft assembly and painting, costume fitting, skit rehearsal to our approved music, cutting of Flat Kiwanas for distribution on event day and team building come together at Dustin Alexander's estate (former home of the 1970's band Toto) in Goodlettsville on August 13th.