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Just.Glass - Glass recycling benefits the environment, helps others, and rewards Kiwanis

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Projected Income for Kiwanis for Glass Recycling

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RECYCLE your glass, BREAK the cycle of poverty,
and support Kiwanis Club at the same time!
Kiwanis Club educates and inspires young people to become thoughtful, creative, lifelong learners and self-disciplined, responsible, caring citizens.
In the spirit of this tradition, Kiwanis Club will be partnering with Justice Industries. A non-profit organization, Justice Industries builds self-sustaining businesses like Just.Glass to employ and empower people who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty. Here are the facts:

  • Over one ton of natural resources is saved for every ton of glass recycled.
  • Nearly 95% of the glass in Nashville goes directly to the landfill.
  • Chronic unemployment is a drain on Nashville, resulting in higher costs for social services, law enforcement, prisons, etc.
  • There is a large number of unemployed people who are eager to have a job but whose history or capacity keeps them from getting good jobs.
  • Justice Industries employs and empowers people who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty. They do this by building self-sustaining businesses like Just.Glass.
  • Just.Glass picks up glass twice a month from your curbside.

Enrich your Kiwanis Club experience.
Be a part of our passion for environmental stewardship in a project that makes a strong social impact.
Help fund Kiwanis Club for years to come.
Kiwanis Club will receive $3/month on any active enrollee obtained through this program.
Here’ how!
1. Go to, click on the Just.Glass button, sign up, and start collecting glass.
2. Just.Glass will pick your glass up twice a month.
3. Start collecting glass. Just.Glass will drop off your FREE recycle glass bin on your first pick up day.
4. Just.Glass will notify you by email the week of your pickup.
For $14 a month

  • You receive a FREE recycle bin,
  • Glass Pickup 2x per month, AND
  • Kiwanis Club will get $3 per month, EVERY MONTH, for as long as you subscribe.

It’s that simple. You RECYCLE glass, help empower others to break the CYCLE of poverty,
AND support Kiwanis Club.