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The Kiwanis designation as Legion of Honor is a recognition for longevity as a Kiwanian, with a minimum of 25 years and additional certificates and pins available for each additional five years of Kiwanis membership.

The Kiwanis Club of Nashville Legion of Honor members, with their start date of membership indicated, are:

Member Name Date Joined
Wilbur Sensing 1/1/1958
Bob Dudley Smith 11/16/1962
James "Jim" Crossman 1/15/1964
Charles White 5/29/1964
J. William "Bill" Denny 11/12/1965
Ted Sanders 4/14/1967
Boyd Parnell 11/21/1968
Robert Brannon 1/14/1968
George Armistead 1/20/1975
Watkins "Watt" Crockett 12/1/1977
Em Ghianni 2/7/1980
Melville "Mel" Barnes 7/15/1982
George Plaster 8/20/1982
Edward "Ed" Yarbrough 9/1/1982
Douglas "Doug" O'Rear 3/5/1984
Robert "Bob" Levy 6/15/1984
Ted Kniazewycz 8/5/1985
Taylor Henry 3/31/1986
Bayard "Bud" Walters 11/12/1986
E. Clifton "Cliff" Knowles 2/20/1987
Robert M. "Bob" Collier 3/16/1987
Beth Wright 11/23/1987
George Crawford 9/16/1988
Garland Rose 9/16/1988
Viotor "Vic" Legerton 11/26/1988
Thomas "Tom" Bain 8/18/1989
Carroll Chambliss 8/25/1989
David Bullock 8/1/1990
Roger Beckham 6/14/1991
Ed Evins 12/20/1991
Richard Lowe 5/1/1992
Cherry Lane Darken 6/1/1992
Les Jackson 6/1/1992
William "Bill" Goodwin 7/1/1992
Edwin "Ed" Holt 8/1/1992
Edward "Ed" VanVoorhees 8/1/1992

Revised 10/17/2017