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Hume Award


History of the Hume Award

The Hume Award was inaugurated in 1944. During an evening of watching a football game between two high school teams at West High School, Mr. William Hume, a prominent Nashville attorney and civic leader and Chairman of the City Board of Education, remarked to Mr. W. A. Bass, the then Superintendent of Nashville City Schools, that some recognition should be given to the fine young men participating in the game of football in the Nashville schools.

Mr. Bass gave this suggestion some thought and proposed that an award be set up recognizing the outstanding football player in the Nashville schools each year in the areas of sportsmanship, scholarship and football ability.

Mr. Hume agreed to provide a plaque to go to each boy and a trophy to be rotated to the winner's school each year and the award was initiated. When the Nashville City School System and the Davidson County School System merged into the Metropolitan system, the former Davidson County schools were included.

Mrs. Hume carried on the project and set up a trust fund that has continued to provide the award for this coveted honor.

Each school in the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System submits a candidate chosen by the principal and football coach on the basis of scholarship, sportsmanship, individual performance and value to the team. A committee composed of a representative of the host club, the president of the Secondary Schools Principals Association, the president of the Middle Tennessee Football Officials Association and the sports writer covering high school football from each of our daily newspapers selets the five finalists and the winner from the candidates submitted by the schools.

The award presentation ceremony rotates annually among the participating community service clubs of Nashville, with the Kiwanis Club of Nashville hosting the 2016 program on Friday, December 2 at the Patron Platinum Club at Bridgestone Arena.




Hume Award Recipients

Name of Student School Year School Name
Eddie Lawrence 1944-45 West
J. B. Proctor 1945-46 Cohn
Billy Lawrence 1946-47 West
Dale Beck 1947-48 Howard
Dale Beck 1948-49 Howard
Roy Herald 1949-50 Howard
Odell Binkley 1950-51 North
Don Rucker 1951-52 Cohn
Don Rucker 1952-53 Cohn
Ralph M. Greenbaum 1953-54 West
Billy Smith 1954-55 East
Thurman Leo Smith 1955-56 Cohn
Thomas E. Wells 1956-57 Cohn
Charles Rice 1957-58 West
Raymond Mitchell 1958-59 Howard
Billy Whittaker 1959-60 North
Kenneth Goad 1960-61 East
Danny Hale 1961-62 North
Sam O'Neal 1962-63 East
Richard McAbee 1963-64 Howard
Eddie Niebruegge 1964-65 Goodlettsville
Alex Beavers 1965-66 Madison
Stuart Byrom 1966-67 Litton
Jackie Carver 1967-68 East
Homer Stinson 1968-69 Cohn
David Campbell 1969-70 Maplewood
Mike Winchester 1970-71 Madison
Richard Clippard 1971-72 Hillwood
Brice Shelton 1972-73 Antioch
James Threalkill 1973-74 East
Jack Chandler 1974-75 Overton
Tony Glover 1975-76 Antioch
E. J. Junior 1976-77 Maplewood
Terry Corn 1977-78 Overton
Chris Kennedy 1978-79 Overton
Gary Kimball 1979-80 Overton
Jeff Spain 1980-81 Glencliff
Mike Beckham 1981-82 Overton
Kevin Kalen 1982-83 McGavock
Keith Victory 1983-84 Overton
Ronald Robinson 1984-85 Stratford
Rusty Cole 1985-86 Stratford
Michael Craig Dunn 1986-87 Antioch
Bryan Link 1987-88 Hillwood
Tracy A. Majors 1987-88 Glencliff
Bryan Link 1988-89 Hillwood
Rodney Burford 1989-90 Hunters Lane
Michael Jason Pettus 1990-91 Hillwood
David Lee Parker 1991-92 Hillsboro
Bobby J. Griggs, Jr. 1992-93 Overton
Rayburn Hall 1993-94 Stratford
Reginald Grimes 1994-95 Hunters Lane
Jason Hamilton 1994-95 Overton
Jahi J. Henley 1995-96 Hunters Lane
Adam L. Kibler 1995-96 McGavock
Maurice Fitzgerald 1996-97 Pearl-Cohn
Nate Daniel 1997-98 Overton
Leonard Mays 1998-99 Maplewood
C. J. Johnson 1999-00 Glencliff
Brandon Lee Curry 2000-01 Hunters Lane
Timothy Gray 2001-02 Hillsboro
Jacob Coleman 2002-03 Overton
Jonathan Hathaway 2003-04 Pearl-Cohn
Brenard K. Wilson II 2004-05 Hunters Lane
Jared C. Clodfelter 2005-06 Hillwood
Jamie D. Graham 2006-07 Whites Creek
Marquez D. Cantrell 2007-08 Hunters Lane
Bryan John Hartzell 2008-09 Overton
James R. Stone 2009-10 Maplewood
Andrew C. Montgomery 2010-11 Overton
Dustin M. Binkley 2011-12 Maplewood
Jeffrey Brandon Orr 2012-13 Overton
Kevin D. Scott 2013-14 Overton
Ke’shawn L. Vaughn 2014-15 Pearl-Cohn
Devarius Quantez Cortner 2015-16 East Nashville